Can we really use the word called “spy”, “spies” or “spying” anymore?  I am now under the impression that when you send someone to join a group or falsely present yourself to gain information from someone you can no longer call that person a “spy”.   I believe we are told by the Democrats that you must call that person anything other than a spy, maybe a "confidential human informant" would be better but definitely not a “spy”.

I believe the left now states that when you call someone a “spy” you are committing a hate speech crime.

Well according to PetSmart, as reported by the Washington Free Beacon, PETA had sent a spy, oh I am sorry a "confidential human informant" to find out what is happening behind the scenes at PetSmart.

PetSmart has filed a lawsuit against that employee Jenna Jordan (I think it was her disguise, see the above picture, that gave her away) and PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, claiming a former employee who they say filmed internal operations was actually also being paid by and acting with orders from the animal-rights group.  PetSmart believes that PETA wants to fully eradicate pet ownership; maybe that is why PETA, according to the Washington Post, kills more cats and dogs than any other groups out there.  The Washington Post actually reported the following:

But that same facility also euthanized more than 80 percent of the animals in its care last year, a rate so shockingly high that Virginia lawmakers passed a bill in February — nearly unanimously — to define a private animal shelter as a place where the primary mission is to find permanent homes for animals in this life, not send them on to the next.

The lawsuit filed by PetSmart stated the following:

When Jordan applied to work at PetSmart in March 2017, Jordan deliberately concealed from PetSmart that she was a PETA agent and operative with a clear and obvious conflict of interest preventing her from discharging her duties and honoring the common law and contractual duties that she owed to PetSmart as a PetSmart employee

The lawsuit went on to allege that Jordan would record conversations with her manager, Justine Glassmoyer:

At PETA’s direction and acting as its agent, Jordan intercepted and recorded the conversations surreptitiously and without Ms. Glassmoyer’s consent…At PETA’s direction and acting as its agent, Jordan then transmitted each of these recordings to PETA’s office in Norfolk, Virginia, in furtherance of PETA’s public smear campaign against PetSmart.

Maybe someone should send a “spy” or there I go again, I apologize if I offended anyone, a “confidential human informant” to PETA to attempt to understand why they kill so many animals.

I have a sneaky suspicion that the left would actually call the person sent to PETA under false pretense, a spy.

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