A photo of a young, patriotic Battle Creek area boy has gone viral for all the right reasons.

A passerby happened to capture the moment the young unnamed boy paused while alone on an outdoor Harper Creek High School basketball court for the National Anthem while a soccer game was beginning near by.

The photo posted on Tuesday October 1, 2019, shows the boy standing alone with his hand over his heart for the duration of the anthem.

The Emmett Township Department of Public Safety shared the photo Thursday and praised his unprompted show of respect.

The woman who captured the moment said she did not know the kid but that someone should be very proud of him.

As the photo made it's rounds on social media it did manage to reach the boys mother and siblings who all stated that they were so proud of him.

This act is one not normally associated with kids these days, but it is a sign that this next generation coming up is being brought up right.

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