There is a pink moose in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan that has a serious following and is one of the many reasons people love coming to Moose du Nord in Manistique Lakes in McMillan. In 2009, The Moose du Nord was constructed in the same place as the former store owned by locals Ted & Betty, offering gas, pizza, groceries, ice cream and espresso/specialty coffees in a family fun environment. Fast forward to 2021, they've since added their own recipes for pizza, subs and other food and ice cream items in a creative menu that has people flocking to their store.

As business owners, they say they've always wanted give their friends (aka customers) the best family fun experience possible. With a loaded menu and items available, there's one thing about this place that really stands out, and that's the bright pink moose that stands outside of their store.

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Scott Hammond swung by and offered his love for the pink moose:

The Upper Peninsula is proudly rural. Unless you're in one of the cities, you can go long stretches without passing a restaurant or gas station. The "Moose du Nord" is both, and is right in the heart of the U.P. in McMillan. In front of this two-story log cabin gas station, restaurant, and bait and tackle shop is a large pink moose. Can't miss it from the road. Better yet, visitors are encouraged to write messages on the moose!

This little stop spot for travelers is quickly becoming a major part of the community and is definitely one of many hidden gems our state has to offer.

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