A private Facebook group with the mission of removing pride flags from Plainwell schools has been exposed.

'Empowering Parents in Plainwell Schools' is the private Facebook group that is fighting to stop inclusion in their local school system.  This is not the only Facebook group of its kind.  This local group has copied the name and ideology of other identical anti-LGBTQ+ Facebook groups around the nation.  Why fight inclusion?  That's a good question.  Where many parents, students, and school faculty feel it's important to make all students feel safe on campus regardless of their gender, orientation, or race; groups like this seem to have an opposing view.  Many groups like this have taken the stance that having a pride flag on campus or teaching sexual education is meant to indoctrinate students.  In fact, Washtenaw County, Michigan parents attempted to sue the DOJ in late 2020 with a similar accusation according to NBC News,

a school district near Ann Arbor of trying to "indoctrinate" students when it comes to transgender policies, sex education curriculum and the teaching of critical race theory.

The 'About this group' section of the Plainwell group says the following,

We the Parents need to stand up for what is happening in the schools with the personal agendas.  The pride flags need to be removed and no more discussions with teachers and students on gender choices and pronouns.

Dana Marshall
Dana Marshall

They go on to say that personal beliefs and political views should stay out of the school.  However, parents of gay, trans and non-binary students are just wanting inclusion and safety from the constant bullying.  That's why a local parent exposed this Facebook group in a recent TikTok.

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This isn't about politics to LGBTQ+ students or their parents.  It's more about the safety, health, and happiness that these teens deserve.  In April of 2021, the MDHHS released a comprehensive report about teen suicide.  That report points out that suicide has been on a troubling increase each year in Michigan.  The MDHHS also points out that while 4 times more people die of suicide in Michigan than alcohol-related accidents, people under the age of 18 that identify as gay, bi, or trans are in the highest risk group.

In April of 2021, a Kalamazoo organization received a grant to help with suicide prevention for LGBTQ+ youth according to Mlive,

A $75,000 grant will help Integrated Services of Kalamazoo in its efforts to prevent suicide in the LGBTQ population.

The CDC's recent report shows that LGBTQ+ students between 7th and 12 grade are twice as likely to attempt suicide than heterosexual students.

We reached out to the Plainwell Community Schools earlier this week for comment on this private parent-run Facebook group.  We have not heard back from them before this article was published.  We are unable to get comments from the admin of the Facebook group due to their privacy settings.

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