Last week I played the audio version of a Professor from Cypress College west of Anaheim California.  The audio came from her zoom discussion with her 19-year-old student who she was berating for believing that most police are heroes.

That freshman was Braden Ellis and when you see the zoom class in question you will see who acted like the adult and who acted like a spoiled rotten entitled teenager.  Those of you who only heard the audio on my show will love to see the video, it just drips of the Professor’s hatred of the police and it appears human beings in general, who do not think like her.


I am really encouraged to inform you that Fox News has reported that the Professor is on a leave of absence and will not be returning in the fall. 

In a statement the college said:

"Cypress College takes great pride in fostering a learning environment for students where ideas and opinions are exchanged as a vital piece of the educational journey...Our community fully embraces this culture; students often defend one another’s rights to express themselves freely, even when opinions differ. Any efforts to suppress free and respectful expression on our campus will not be tolerated."

Good for them, someone in power has to stand up to this insanity and these paper tiger bullies. Although do not believe the college fired this Professor, who obviously is dealing with a mental issue, because of her deep hatred of the police, believing she would be in more danger from the police than someone attempting to rape or kill her. 

Do not believe the college fired this Professor for lying to her students when she stated that this thing called the police was never created until the American South had to create something to track down runaway slaves.  She actually believes that there never was a police force before slavery in the American south.

They fired her for how she treated that teenager when the college said “Any efforts to suppress free and respectful expression on our campus will not be tolerated.”

In the end, she was fired and that was the right thing to do looking at how she treated her young student.  She should never be allowed in a classroom again.  She also should receive some help for the hatred in her heart and mind.

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