Just in case you didn't think it was possible to lock yourself inside your own car, this happened.

It was a Wednesday afternoon, August 25th to be exact, when a woman found herself in a strange predicament.  The woman in question, found herself locked inside her Nissan Altima in parking lot in Strongsville, Ohio.

That's when strangers stepped into help according to cleveland.com,

A third party had called police to say that the woman was locked inside due to a dead key fob, which wouldn’t unlock the Nissan.

This story has me completely befuddled.  For one thing, I've never used my key fob to unlock my car from the inside.  If my car doesn't automatically unlock while it's in park, I would just click the unlock button on the door.  I feel like another easy solution would be rolling down the window to get out.  However, I stand by the clicking the unlock button on the door.

Don't worry,  the Ohio woman was freed from her Nissan after her brother arrived with a working key fob.

This isn't the first 'Ohio Stop It' story out of Strongsville involving a car.  Back in May an Ohio driver went all Karen on a stranger by calling to police to report a man dancing in his car.  That's right, a dude was enjoying life and car dancing.  Nothing dangerous.  He wasn't swerving.  He was just happy.  Check out that full story by clicking here.

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