You can't make this stuff up! In a strange turn of events, the Portage, Michigan police and fire rescue recently shared their story of a daring rescue on social media. Quite often you hear of cats that need rescuing from high-up treetops, but this time emergency services were rescuing none other than a bird.

Yes, a bird needed rescuing from the trees in nearby Lakeview Park. But this isn't your average bird! This helpless avian was somebody's pet parrot.

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Writes the Portage Department of Public Safety:

Yesterday at 9PM Truck 1243 C-Shift was requested to rescue a parrot from a tree in Lakeview Park. The parrot had been missing from its home for a month. The owner became aware of the parrot's location in the park from a social media post made by someone who saw the parrot earlier in the day. Portage Park Rangers spotted the parrot sleeping in a tree and notified PFD for assistance. The parrot was successfully reunited with its owner and appeared to be in good health. #prettybird

I, for one, have so many questions including: how does one lose a parrot? Did it simply just fly out the door?

The bird, which is reportedly an Amazon parrot, had been missing from its home since August 20, 2022. When Portage Police & Fire arrived on the scene and located the bird, they were able to carefully sneak up on it as it was sleeping. Otherwise, this story could have had a very different ending!

Nearby Portage residents were happy the parrot had been found and was relocated with its owners, sharing comments like:

  • "I’m so happy he was found! He was in our tree last month, but he was too high for the fire department at that time. What a resourceful little guy! He has been gone for so long!" - Lauren Reagan
  • "I am so happy the bird is with its owner. My son had an [interaction] with this bird while playing pickleball yesterday and I was worried about the poor bird." - Nicky Aiello
  • "Love great news like this! Thank you for taking care of our animal family too" - Michelle Taylor
Portage MI Dept of Public Safety - Police & Fire via Facebook
Portage MI Dept of Public Safety - Police & Fire via Facebook

We're so glad this story has a happy ending!

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