It could have been tragic, but there is superhero among us

A young boy went into the water to rescue his dog. He believed that the dog was in distress while swimming in the lake. It all happened at 5 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 14, at Spring Valley Park on Mt. Olivet Road.

A bystander rushed into help the young man, and found himself in trouble as well. It was then that Sgt. Jeff Deblecourt, who is trained in water rescue, arrived to save the day.

According to Mlive...

Sgt. Jeff Deblecourt, who is trained in water rescue, got to the scene. He swam out to them and was able to keep them afloat until other officers were able to help.

Police brought the boy, the bystander and the dog to shore. All were treated at the scene and released.

Here are the conversations that happened on once the story was reported...

  • Not_Keith commented -  Nice job SGT
  • Smedly noted - Talk about a hero! The Sgt. is more like Superman! What more can be said?
  • JB0123   stated - Good job.
  • Jery Falwel's Disco Ball said - 100 yards is a long way out....Glad everyone was ok.

Police wants to remind the public that

Swimmers need to exercise caution when swimming in large bodies of water, swim with a buddy, remain close to shore, and continuously evaluate your level of exhaustion while swimming in deep waters.

Be safe and thank you Sgt. Jeff Deblecourt!

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