There’s a new development in a three-year-old murder case in Kalamazoo County. 71-year-old Ronald French was reported missing in June of 2017. His badly decomposed body was discovered near Fulton in a farm field several weeks later. WWMT is reporting it appears an arrest has been made in the case. The station reports the suspected perpetrator is Kalamazoo area resident Joshua Wessel. He has been arrested on an open murder charge. But the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department is not publicly saying his arrest is connected to the murder of French.  The station however reports Wessel was arrested shortly after French’s murder in 2017 and was driving French’s truck. He was not held at that time.

Wessel was booked into the Kalamazoo County Jail yesterday and expected to be arraigned on the murder charge sometime today. The station reports at that point it is expected the connection will be made to French’s murder.

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