Why anyone would be morally corrupted to the point where they would teach a innocent animal to be a ruthless killing machine makes me feel physically ill. To this day, dogs are still used as toys in human's sick games, including fighting rings. Recently, dogs were removed from a home in which they believe the dogs were a part of a fighting ring. This is the 3rd time in more than a month that dogs have been removed from houses under this suspicion in Kalamazoo.

Fox 17 reports that the two previous removals had retrieved a total of 19 dogs from the properties. Julie Barber, director of community connections with the Humane Society, commented on the topic of charges against the property owners of this new removal and just how it came to be investigated:

Right now there’s no immediate charges being filed but there was enough evidence to get a search warrant and to remove the animals. When they [police] get a complaint and the scenario fits what could possibly be dog fighting, they do follow up and they do get leads from the community. It’s really important that our residents and neighbors are keeping an eye out because a lot of the time they’re the ones able to bring it to the attention of the officers.

As of now the dogs that were removed from the house are the property of their owner(s) who was not home during the removal, so therefor the dogs are not yet available for adoption.

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