Sometimes it can be difficult for kids in military families to be able to do the things they’re passionate about.   With one parent serving overseas or several states away, it can be a real balancing act for the other parent, not to mention the financial challenges.

Post Consumer Brands is joining forces with the organization Our Military Kids to Provide 30 Grants to Military Children across the United States.  The $10,000 donation will help the kids of deployed National Guard and Reserve service members and wounded warriors.

“We know there are a lot of families in the Battle Creek area, including many of our employees who work at the Post Cereal plant who have served in the military or even are currently active in the National Guard, “ said Jill Bollettieri, VP and general counsel at Post Consumer Brands.

Bollettieri said the grants will pay for the kids’ participation in extracurricular activities such as sports, arts, and other areas while a parent is away for an extended time or is recovering from an injury sustained in a post-9/11 overseas mission.

National Guard and Reserve families often face barriers to accessing necessary support services. When members are deployed, their families may face a loss of income or other hardships. The Our Military Kids grant program helps fill some of the gaps by paying for their children’s activities. Whether it’s cooking classes, horseback riding, skiing, or anything else, these activities give military children the opportunity to learn something new and flourish during an otherwise stressful time in their lives.

Since 2004, Our Military Kids has awarded over 72,000 grants valued at more than $28 million to military families across the country.

The donation from Post Consumer Brands coincides with the Month of the Military Child, which is celebrated by the military community each April to honor the sacrifices made by military families, with an emphasis on the experiences of dependent children of military members serving at home and overseas.

“We understand the difficulties faced by military families. At Post, many of our team members are veterans, I included,” said Howard Friedman, President, and CEO of Post Consumer Brands. “These patriots have done so much for our country, and making sure their children are taken care of at home is just one way we can show our support. We’re proud to partner with Our Military Kids as they continue their great and empowering work.”

“I truly believe it’s a matter of military readiness to recognize the service and sacrifice of military children during a period of deployment and recovery,” said Kara Dallman, Executive Director of Our Military Kids and Navy Veteran. “It helps the family as a whole to acknowledge that everyone serves when a parent is deployed and everyone should flourish during this time rather than be burdened by feelings of doubt and fear.”

For more information on Our Military Kids, click here.

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