We heard it over and over and over again.  When Gretchen Whitmer was running in the Democratic primary and then in the general election, she promised Michigan voters she would “fix the damn roads”.

Have you seen more roads fixed under Whitmer’s administration than previous ones?  I did not know this until I did some research for this article.  Her campaign was concerned she was using the word “damn” during the Democratic primary without knowing via focus groups if Michiganders will be okay with her swearing.  I told you politicians running for high positions focus test everything.

Even the Detroit Free Press had some concerns about her campaign promise when they reported:

But Whitmer fell far short of fulfilling her signature campaign pledge to "fix the damn roads," ultimately approving a 2020 budget that allocated $375 million less to repair roads and bridges than the version recommended by the Republican-controlled Legislature.

You read that correctly she spent $375 million less on “fixing the damn roads” than former Governor Snyder spent the previous year.  That is very funny.

I did not write this article to go over the past I wrote it to show you the present.  Here is a picture of quite a deep pothole or some may say sinkhole in the city of South Haven that was filled three years ago and has come back to terrorize vehicles once again.

What is she pondering?

At what point does a pothole become a sinkhole?  I would guess that size does matter when it comes to the difference.

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