What a difference a year makes with a new Administration and Democrat Party in control of the three branches of government. The Democratic Party has had a war against oil and gasoline for over a couple of decades and the chickens have come home to roost.  

The Biden Administration and Democratic Party are determined to destroy the oil and gasoline companies which in turn will really hurt the lower and middle class with what I affectionately call the Biden tax. The Biden tax was designed to hit the lower class the hardest.  They had to know that raising the cost of oil and gasoline creates a very regressive tax or do you think they are that unintelligent to think it would not.

When you raise the price of oil by shutting down pipelines and fracking that in turn raises the price of gasoline.  When gasoline prices go up that creates a direct tax on the poor.  That price increase does not hurt the upper or upper-middle class it hurts the middle class and really hurts the lower class.

Per AAA a gallon of gas in Michigan today is averaging approximately $2.94 per gallon.  They report a year ago it was $1.85 a gallon.  That equates to a Biden tax of $1.09 per gallon or a 59% tax.  If a person using 20 gallons a week the Biden tax equates to $22.80 a week or $1,186 dollars per year.

How much was regular unleaded at the Village Express Market in South Haven Michigan on April 26th, 2020?  Well, see for yourself:

Courtesy of Brian Franklin
Courtesy of Brian Franklin

Thanks Joe and all of you who voted for this Biden tax on the poor.

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