Finally, after a year of living in Kalamazoo, I made it to my first ever Bronco's game.

Now, football isn't necessarily a passion of mine. It's not that I hate it. I'm just indifferent. Blame it on my upbringing with the main sport of choice being basketball. Regardless of my feelings towards football, I'm always excited to watch live sports at the actual stadium.

This past Saturday, September 11th, the Western Michigan Broncos took on the Illinois State Redbirds and won with a final score of 28-0. However, in the middle of the game we heard the announcer request that we turn our attention to the jumbotron where we saw this message:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

How adorable!

Unfortunately, due to our seat placement and the setting sun I don't know if she actually said yes.

TSM/ Chelsea Rose
TSM/ Chelsea Rose

But, considering I only heard cheers I'm going to assume that she did, in fact, agree to the proposal. If that was you, congrats!

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Aside from this touching moment, the WMU marching band also had a special tribute for the day. On the 20th anniversary of 9/11, they started out their half-time routine with this:

TSM/ Chelsea Rose

If that's hard to read, they spelled out, "I <3 NY".

From the camaraderie and energy of the fans to the surprise proposal, my first Bronco's game was an eventful one. I can't wait to see what the next one holds.

You can see the full schedule for the 2021 season for the Western Michigan Broncos here.

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