The City of Otsego is kicking the new year off in the right way. With a new location this year, the City has just announced that the new public ice skating rink is now open for the season. With ice skating being one of the few winter sports I actually enjoy, I can't wait to take a couple laps around the rink.

Not far from its previous location, the new ice rink is located at 218 N. Farmer Street just steps from the historic downtown Otsego Riverwalk and it shares a parking lot with the Otsego Area Historical Museum. Even better, the rink is free to the public.

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TOP Pavilion

In past years the ice rink was open-air, but now that the rink has moved to the new TOP Riverfront Pavilion you and your family can enjoy your time at the ice rink without worrying about the elements. Only recently completed in October 2021, the TOP (Together Otsego Prospers) Pavilion was a joint effort between the City of Otsego and the generous Main Street donors.

The TOP Pavilion represents Phase I of Otsego's Riverfront Development Plan which, "...aims to invest in high-quality community gathering and recreation spaces along our downtown riverfront." In the future the city hopes to continue to use the pavilion for the public ice rink and it's expected to be ready for public event usage in the spring of 2022.

Know Before You Go

While the ice rink is free to use and is maintained by the generous Main Street volunteers, it is a skate at your own risk situation. There are no skate rentals on-site so you must bring your own, but because this is Michigan those shouldn't be hard to find at any local outdoors shop, skate shop, or Goodwill for that matter. It is a family friendly environment and ice skaters of any experience level are welcome. The public may enjoy the free ice rink from sunrise until 10:00 p.m. daily.

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Lauren G for TSM

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