A recent story of a Detroit police officer who is being accused of making a racially degrading video of someone he pulled over is escalating. FOX 17 reports that the officer stopped the woman for expired tags. Her vehicle was towed, and as she walked to her home in the cold the officer posted a video on Snapchat saying, “Bye Felecia.” The officer also used a "Celebrate Black History Month" filter on videos he shot with captions "Black Girl Magic" and "This Is What Black Girl Magic Looks Like."

The officer did offer the girl a ride, but she refused. This is not the first time this officer has been in trouble before and Detroit Police Chief James Craig spoke on his disappointment: "I’m not troubled, I’m not disappointed, I’m angry. This officer will be held accountable for his actions. We are moving to remove his corporal rank. After reviewing the history, there is a pattern, and I’m concerned about this pattern."

The officer is currently under an internal investigation, however, the department has begun the process of penalizing him.

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