After 3 complaints KPS said they won't include LGBTQ books in "diverse" reading program.

Local NPR station WMUK explained how this controversy started,

In a statement, the district said that’s because some parents complained about a story that featured a transgender child.  “The district received complaints from three parents,” according to the statement. “The district made the decision to focus the diverse classroom book selection process on just issues of racial and ethnic diversity, and to avoid other diversity issues such as disability, socio-economics, and sexuality at this time.”

There seems to be far more complaints about Kalamazoo Public School's decision to drop all books with an LGBTQ theme.

Laura Mitchell had this to say about controversy on Facebook,

I just applied for a position with K-zoo public ed. There were many questions on diversity. This seems like it's against their policy to take away books. School districts totally cave in when parents complain. How does this teach about diversity?

Clara G. Kelley mirrors Laura's comment,

Children need mirrors, to see themselves, and windows, to see the world.  This decision closes windows and smashes mirrors for vulnerable students.

Jill Mayes was also disappointed with this news,

So disappointing. Seems the school is missing a huge opportunity to EDUCATE ... on life’s most important lessons, compassion, empathy, understanding. Stop pandering to the ignorant.

Soon after word of this KPS decision spread, a petition was created on to "Allow LGBTQ Books in Kalamazoo Schools Reading Program."  As of 7:45 AM on Wednesday, December 18th the petition has received 1,200 signatures.  You can see that petition by clicking here.

UPDATE: A little less than 12 hours after we posted this story Kalamazoo Public Schools posted this statement on their facebook page,


What do you think?  Did Kalamazoo Public Schools do the right thing by pulling LGBTQ books after 3 complaints or should that have stuck by their attempt to show more diversity with their reading program?

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