Michigan’s Governor Snyder is endorsing a proposal that has already been introduced in current state bills called “red flag”.  This would be legislation to enact a procedure in Michigan for temporarily confiscating guns from individuals that a person in authority believes has a threatening mental health crisis.

It started with something President Trump said at a “listening session” around safety at schools following the Parkland Florida shooting.  In the context of students and adults who someone in authority believes may a mental issue, President Trump said:

“Take the guns first, go through due process second,”

Other Michigan politicians, mostly Republicans believe we should arm teachers, administrators or coaches who are willing to do so with the following criteria:

  • Willing staff members would undergo 80 hours of training
  • They would have to go through a renewal process every two years
  • They would be paid for their time
  • All firearms would be locked away in a secure location, such as a safe with a fingerprint lock.

Michigan politicians and others around the country who are against the arming of willing teachers do not mention the “willing teachers” component of the idea.  They just want to play politics and state that they know teachers who do not want to be armed.  Fine that is why the proposals say willing teachers, administrators or coaches.

The politicians and others who “forget” to mention “willing” teachers, administrators or coaches are just playing politics and are not putting the safety of our children before the political advantage they are attempting to achieve.  These politicians no matter what party they say they come from should be voted out of office.  They could be against not wanting to have “willing” teachers, administrators or coaches armed but do not demagogue the issue for your political gain.  Just be an adult about it and disagree with the proposal as stated and written.

What are your thoughts around this “red flagging” proposal. Should legal gun holders have their guns confiscated if someone in authority, and who is in authority would have to be clearly defined”, have their guns taken from them until their day in court.  Essentially striping them or their due process rights by judging them guilty until their day in court.

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