Self-serve taps may reduce your wait time for another beer because you don't have to flag down your server. The Michigan Liquor Control Commission just joined 37 other states by approving a new rule which allows for self-service taps at individual bar or restaurant tables. This could be a great thing or bad thing in a college town like Kalamazoo.

According to the DEPARTMENT OF LICENSING AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS (LARA), in a proposal first raised by the MGM Grand Casino,

Patrons at a table would have to inform the server that they want to use the system, and
the server would then ascertain the ages of the patrons and ensure that all customers at
the table are at least 21 years old an
d are not intoxicated. The server would then
receive payment for the beer that would be dispensed and ask the bar manager to
remotely activate the computerized system.

Yet, there could still be concerns of underage drinking. What are your thoughts?

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