Republican Party leaders from throughout  America are taking a jab at Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer this week.  Whitmer’s Republican counterparts, all 27 of them, are challenging Michigan’s Governor on her approach to the COVID-19 virus outbreak.

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Photo: Republican Governors Association

The Republican Governors are embarking on a digital media campaign against Whitmer. Michigan's restaurant and bar owners are being asked to join the effort. One of the first to join the campaign is Huron Valley Guns.  The business operates a restaurant along with a gun shop and shooting range. It has been targeted for virus enforcement action by the Whitmer administration. Now Huron Valley Guns is taking a digital shot of its own at Whitmer. It’s posting a copy of a message from a coaster, supplied by the national Republican Governors Association. It proclaims “Gov. Whitmer Almost Killed This Business”.

The flip side of the coaster carries an image of the Governor along with a wish that she won’t be Governor another four years.   The coasters also show a CR code. When scanned by a smartphone camera, the link connects to the website “FireTheDamnGovernor”. That’s an attempt to play off the Governor’s campaign line of “Fix The Damn Roads”.

Photo: Republican Governors Association

A spokesperson for the Republican Governor’s Association says its Get Michigan Working Again political action committee is committing to digital advertising across Michigan promoting the beverage coasters and the message.

A letter that accompanies the coaster deliveries says, “ In the last year, the number of small businesses that are open in Michigan decreased by 38%, and close to 400,000 jobs have been lost due to her poor handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. Small businesses, like yours, are the backbone of Michigan’s economy and Whitmer’s policies have pushed them to the brink of destruction.”

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