Okay, just so we're clear here, there SHOULDN'T be panthers living in Michigan. Every once in a while we will get camera footage that shows a cougar being spotted, but never a panther. That being said, there's a very convincing video making its way around Facebook that came from someone's outside camera near Richmond which appears to have captured a rather large cat cutting through their yard. From the size, it doesn't appear to be a house cat, although some claim it to be a domestic cat. Even so...this would be one huge domestic cat:

My neighbor just sent this to us..caught on his camera last this morning at 1:45 am..just a heads up...County Line & 31 area

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Many people are claiming they may know what it is based on the footage:

This is a common domestic cat in my opinion, it just has a long tail but not as long as a larg cat. And the stride is all wrong, large cats like panther etc have a long stride.

While other people don't think it's that easy of an explanation based on their own experiences:

I was going down I 69 towards Port Huron one day a few weeks ago, and around the Richmond exit, a very big something ran across the x-way in front of me. It was too far away to see exactly what it was, but it was a big cat! I was thinking of a big bobcat, but it had a long tail. Still to this day, I've been thinking about what it was I saw!

What do you think it is? Personally, I'm sticking with the most reasonable answer...El Chupacabra. No doubt about it.

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