Emmett Township lies south and west of Battle Creek in Michigan's Calhoun County. Emmett is the home of Firekeepers Casino as well as much of Battle Creek's busy shopping district along B Drive. Do you know the story of Robert Emmet, the man for whom Emmett Township is named?

The Revolutionary History of Robert Emmet

Robert Emmet lived just 25 years from 1778 to 1803 in Dublin. He's remembered as an Irish patriot who attempted to lead a revolt against the British king and gain independence for Ireland.

However he was captured and tried for high treason, and was hanged and beheaded in September 1803.

Places Named for Emmet in Michigan

According to Michigan Place Names by Walter Romig, there are 4 places named for Robert Emmet in Michigan including Emmett Charter Township near Battle Creek and another township northwest of Port Huron in St. Claire County which contains the village of Emmett. Finally, Emmet County in northwest Lower Michigan with Petoskey as its seat is also named after Robert Emmet.

Is it Emmett or Emmet?

The Irish spelling of the name is with one t, Emmet. The county in Michigan and other Emmet-named places in America like Emmet County in Iowa follow the traditional spelling.

There's no indication how the townships near Battle Creek and Port Huron picked up the extra t.

Robert Emmet today in Dublin

The memorial to Emmet is along Thomas Street, an important street in Dublin. Thomas Street is the home to the Guiness Brewery. The Emmet memorial is set outside of St. Catherine's church on the spot where the patriot was executed.

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