Update 3:25 pm

Check The Michigan Attorney General's specific robocall web page to learn more about the control efforts and ways you can help fight robocalls.


They may be the number one scourge from having a mobile device – especially a mobile phone.


You need to upgrade your vehicle warranty. You need to do this or that or be charged for something you didn’t want and never will. Hardly anyone wants to open a call to hear the recording. And if it is a person on the call, they’re quite often abusive, belligerent, and many times downright nasty. And it’s all illegal.

Forbes magazine reports just last month, 5.6 billion robocalls were placed nationwide. That's for just one month. And a website that tracks the problem is estimating that in Michigan, we've been hit with 1.3 billion of those pesky calls so far this year.

Michigan State Attorney General Dana Nessel thinks she has the answer. She’s calling a media briefing this afternoon to take the wraps off what her office is describing a new and comprehensive plan to crack down on the illegal robocalls. No early details are being released. Nessel will be joined by representatives forming a team of state and federal agencies to take on the scammers. There’s word a telecommunications industry representative is also going to be on hand.

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