Rochester Community Schools Superintendent Robert Shaner, in a February 15th deposition, admitted to monitoring the social media posts of parents in his school district.  It gets even worse, according to reporting in the Daily Caller he also admitted in that deposition to contacting at least two employers and one police department of those parents he was monitoring in an attempt to get them fired.  He apparently succeeded in one case.

Parents are now calling for his resignation due to his “monitoring” or some might even say spying on parents that do not think like him.  Why is it only the parents calling for his resignation?  The school board, the Governor and all elected government officials and anyone who cares about children should be calling for this guy’s resignation.

Superintendent Robert Shaner testified:

Yeah, we value the input of all parents, and we certainly want to keep our thumb on the pulse of the community, so we monitor social media very closely on all fronts and make sure we’re responsive to the community

Did he really mean to say “keep our thumb on the pulse of the community” or perhaps keep my boot on the necks of these pesky parents and the worthless masks on our students?

This all started to come to light when a parent, Elena Dinverno, filed a lawsuit against him. In that lawsuit she alleges that Shaner “curbed Dinverno’s right to free speech after she started two Facebook groups “RCS Parents for In-Person Education” and “Conservative Parents for Rochester”. Shaner apparently did not like that those pages supported and advocated for in-person learning during the coronavirus pandemic.  Shaner wanted his school district to continue to poorly educated the students via on-line “instruction” in Rochester.

It did not end there, in May of 2021 Elena Dinverno sued Shaner alleging that she “lost her job at Blake’s Hard Cider in Dec. 2020 after Board of Education President Kristin Bull inaccurately told her employer that she participated in a group threatening the school district”.  The school district ended up settling with Ms. Dinerno.  More money not going to educate our children.  I guess they will have to ask the taxpayer for even more money to cover the devious actions of school officials.

To think that so many hate filled and devious people have access to our children is frightening.

To make matters worse Shaner was using his $293,492 in salary, according to Michigan’s Government Salary Database, and an additional $437,409 in benefits, according to Rochester Community Schools to do so. What type of benefits package is this guy getting?  According to the Daily Caller article, his “taxpayer-funded salary outpaces superintendents in neighboring areas that serve a more populous student body”.

Why is a school Superintendent making almost $300,000 a year and delivering such poor service?  To see what your school Superintendent is raking in go to Michigan’s Government Salary Database, you will be amazed.

Who is this great guy:

One thing people have learned from this pandemic is to keep a very watchful on eye on your school, teachers, administration and school boards.  They all have access to your children and people who appear to be working against the children, parents and you appear to be growing in numbers.

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