Lots of people were bummed out when El Gallo Blanco closed its doors in 2020 at 2838 Portage Street, Kalamazoo, MI 49001, but it looks like something new is about to blow the doors wide open. San Francisco Tacos, Ice Cream & More is going to be opening up  where El Gallo Blanco once served and they have already celebrated by putting up a new sign and a fresh paint job. As of now there is no timeline as to when they plan on opening. When I went up there over the weekend, it looked as thought there was plastic over the windows inside, meaning they could be painting the interior.

This would suggest that they still have a few months to prepare for an open, but from what I've heard it'll be worth the wait. At first glance it doesn't seem like this restaurant has any affiliation with Taqueria San Francisco in Battle Creek, considering their website doesn't list this new location as one of theirs. But we can take a sneak peak at what's to come when they do finally open:

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Sneak peak At San Francisco's Tacos & Ice Cream In Kalamazoo

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