No injuries were reported after an incident involving a school bus and a vehicle Wednesday morning near an elementary school in Kalamazoo County.

According to an eyewitness, a car became stuck under a school bus at around 8:40 am at Central Elementary School in Parchment. Apparently, both drivers thought they could turn at the same time.

Desiree Yvonne DeYoung says everything was cleared up by around 9:15 am when she drove back by the area. She says that nobody appeared injured and that the bus had already dropped off kids when the accident occurred. The vehicle did have some damage to its hood. There's no word on what, if any damage was done to the school bus. There's also no indication if any citations were issued related to it.

DeYoung says that in her opinion the parking lot set up in this area isn't really safe and she is worried a more serious situation could happen there.

It's sad that something major could happen and how many little things like this may go unnoticed. I even offered an idea for a new parking lot set up. The principal says it would cost over $100,000 to change the way it's designed. She had said that the way the parking lot was originally designed was for those who walked to school. Not too many people drove their kids to school back then. At dismissal time that section is even worse for the Street Thomas becomes a one-lane when people go to pick up children. Buses are trying to go thru and people are trying to get out. It's really scary. - Desiree Yvonne DeYoung


Other residents say that it's the drivers who need to be more alert and aware in that area and not to blame the set up as much.

Okay couple of things.....

1. You have to realize that buses, trucks, anything bigger than a normal vehicle needs more space to turn
2. Most of these parents don't know how to drive
3. If everyone would know common road knowledge or common courtesy, we wouldn't have these issues
4. Parents are always in a rush and don't care except for number 1.

I have been dropping off and picking up for 9 years here, never had any problems except with the other parents not being decent drivers. - Melissa Lynn

We reached out to the administration at Parchment School District and officials were not available for comment at the publishing time for this article.

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