The Michigan Secretary of State's office is embarking on Older Driver Safety Awareness Week on December 2nd.

The 65 and older age group is the fastest-growing demographic in the state’s driving population.

Here's a couple of statistics that might surprise some. According to Michigan law enforcement crash reports: Failing to yield and failing to leave enough space to stop safely are the two most common reasons that aging drivers are involved in vehicle crashes. More than half of crashes for drivers age 65 or older occur between Noon and 6pm.

During this coming week, the Secretary of State's office encourages frank discussions on these topics.

  • Anticipating Changes That Can Affect Driving
  • Screening and Evaluations with an Occupational Therapist
  • Interventions That Can Empower Drivers
  • Staying Engaged in the Community with or without a Car


The Secretary of State's office has a webpage dedicated to older drivers.

It features this video.

(Michigan Secretary of State via YouTube)


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