Renovations are underway at the old First National Bank, aka Peregrin 100 building on the corner of Michigan and S. Kalamazoo Mall. See what has been hidden behind the walls all these years. 

Being the talkative and inquisitive person I am, and I'm always up for a little Urban Exploration I found the people doing the demo work at this building that is being remodeled. According to, this is what's happening.

 Residential and commercial mixed-use development in the old National Bank and Trust Building (PNC Bank more recently). Phase 1 includes 12 luxury residential units, Phase 2 will include more units and development of the vacant, historic 8,000 SF former bank space, which at one time was the home of First National Bank of Kalamazoo. Amenities to include indoor parking, rooftop terrace, and some units with 40 ft high ceilings.

That's at a cost of $5,000,000. That's right, FIVE MILLION DOLLARS.

So what did I see? What was hidden behind the walls? Check out this gallery.

Yes, that's an old advertisement for what we can only guess to be The Blue Kitten or Katinka, both by Arthur Hammerstein. They would have been on the side of what was once The Michigan, a theater/playhouse in Kalamazoo. This has been hidden behind the wall for years and was recently discovered.

That's not all! I also made a trip to the basement to find what you would expect to see in most banks but you would never guess its massive size until you see it up close.

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