Checker Motors stopped making cars in 1982. Take a look at the last car that was made plus you could see it at the next Checker car show July 13th-15th at The Gilmore Car Museum. 

The Gilmore Car Museum in Hickory Corners is home to a lot of historic cars and cool looking buildings that resemble dealerships. They also house the last Checker to roll off the line.

"The last Checker came off the line and was hauled straight to the Gilmore" Said Jim Garrison who was a 32 year employee of Checker and is hosting this years car show. He continued, "I did an interview one time where we took the [last] Checker out for a drive and put a few miles on it". The car now sits with a total of 9.8 miles on the odometer.

The Checker car show will be held at the Gilmore Car Museum July 13-15 with a planned reunion of former Checker employees on the 15th.

Check out this video where I talked with Jim about Checker, the car show and the last Checker.

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