A new Disc Golf course has opened in the Upper Peninsula, in the Porcupine Mountains. Well, you don’t have to travel far to play a round of Disc Golf, or Frisbie Golf, as there are several locations in the Battle Creek area.

Patrick O’Donnell and his family are local Disc Golf enthusiasts.   Patrick says we’ve got several  courses in the Battle Creek area.    “There’s one in Cold Brook Park near Climax, one in Springfield, two in Battle Creek and one near Pennfield,“ said O’Donnell.

He says the discs have changed from the “Flyin’ Saucer/Frisbie” introduced by Wham-O in the late 50’s.   “The discs are specially weighted to travel different distances and at different angles.  People can throw 200-500 feet with certain discs.  They have different flight abilities and are smaller but are heavier.  I think the largest disc size is 184 grams.”

I played my first round of Frisbie Golf almost 30 years ago at Leila Arboretum.   Someone had marked several trees, and you tried to hit those marks.   O’Donnell says they’ve installed baskets now, making it a more formalized course, which is also easier on the trees.

So, if you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive activity for the whole family, and a way to get some fresh air and exercise, try it!

Here are some Disc Golf courses in the Battle Creek Area:

  • Leila Arboretum, 928 West Michigan Avenue, Urbandale
  • Begg Park, 503 Military Avenue, Springfield
  • Fort Custer Recreation Area, 5163 Fort Custer Drive, Augusta
  • Dexter Lake Church, 1555 Michigan Avenue East, Battle Creek
  • Dysfunctional Acres, 21136 Pine Lake Road in Pennfield

Cold Brook County Park14467 E MN Avenue, Climax

Irving Park, 155 Walters Avenue, Battle Creek

There are several in the Kalamazoo Area as well.   Here’s more information.


Photo from Michigan.gov/DNR