We've been battling high water levels on our inland lakes and the Great Lakes as well.  Stunning pictures continue to roll in about the erosion on the Lake Michigan and lake Huron shorelines and, even worse, waterfront homes falling victim and falling into the lake.  So far there hasn't been any positive aspect of rising water unless you count the latest discovery along Lake Huron.

In an article on wnem.com, wreckage from a freighter that sank in Lake Huron around 115 years ago has moved toward Michigan’s shoreline due to high water levels and waves, weakening the ruins further, officials said.  Joseph S. Fay was a ship that sank on October 19, 1905.  One side of the shipwreck had moved about 10 feet (3 meters) inland during a storm last October, said Eric Klein, lighthouse caretaker. He added that it has since been pushed further inland following a series of storms and estimated it’s now about 25 feet from its original location near the 40 Mile Point Lighthouse.

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