The definition of Canvassing is:

To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize…To make a thorough examination or conduct a detailed discussion.

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A group of concerned citizens in Macomb County named the Concerned Citizens Initiative of Macomb County, did canvass their county and created a Canvassing Report.  They surveyed approximately 1,200 absentee voters who were reported by the state to have voted absentee in the 2020 General Election. It all began with a group of concerned citizens, one of them was Jacky Eubanks.

The group filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and requested a list of the voters who cast absentee ballots in 2020 in different towns in Macomb County.  From that list they choose approximately 1,200+ people to survey.  They asked those 1,200+ people 3 very simple questions:

  1. Does this person reside at this address?
  2. Did they vote in 2020?
  3. Did they vote absentee ballot?

Note that they do not ask you who or what Party you voted for.

They collected affidavits from those surveyed when the information on public records did not match voters' testimony. In their canvassing, they found a number of what they call anomalies.  Those anomalies were:

  • The Voter voted in person on Election Day at the assigned polling precinct despite the records showing they voted absentee
  • The Voter doesn't reside at that address
  • The voter did not vote
  • The same voter received multiple ballots for the same election
  • Non-residential addresses had ballots counted from them (which is illegal)
  • Invalid addresses (no building # or apt # specified at an apartment complex).

What did they find?  Here is the An Executive Summary from their report:

  1. 17.6% of surveyed voters resulted in anomalies that indicate fraudulent votes were cast.
  2. At this rate, as many as 87,489 fraudulent votes were cast in Macomb County, MI.
  3. At this rate, as many as 154,545 fraudulent votes would have been cast in Wayne County, MI.
  4. At this rate, as many as 974,917 fraudulent votes would have been cast statewide in MI…more than enough to cover the reported 154,188 vote margin.”

Quite interesting numbers if you ask me.  Will the mainstream media be reporting about this or will it once again only be me informing the people.  I will give you three guesses and the first two do not count.

I will be interviewing Jacky Eubanks on my show today (Wednesday, December 8th) at the top of the 10:00 hour.  If you are unable to listen live please listen to my podcast of that interview.

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