Caught on video: kids cry as coach sucker punches a parent in Niles, Michigan.

On Saturday, April 17th, a coach lost his temper during a youth flag football game.  He aggressively stormed on to the field shouting at referees.  One of the other coaches escorted the angry man off of the field.  That's when the assault happened for the strangest reason.  As the suspect approached the sideline, he didn't like the way one of the parents smiled at him.  That's when the very violent sucker punch happened.  You can see the video below provided by WNDU in South Bend.

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The parent that recorded the video told WNDU that he had just pulled his son from this league because of incidents similar to this one with other coaches.  The most recent report on April 21st stated that the Niles Police Department is investigating and will likely charge the man with assault after he is positively identified.  He's the coach of a youth football team caught on video.  How hard can identifying the suspect really be?  In fact, it sounds like the internet has already identified the angry coach according to this comment on a YouTube video of the incident,

Sucker punch throwing guy got placed on Reddit and 4chan with a full list of details of everything about him, his family, employment, you name it.

Getting fed to the wolves of 4chan maybe far worse than getting arrested.  We'll keep you up to date on this story as more information becomes available.

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