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Must Arlington Remove Crosses?
One of the most solemn places in America are the 624 acres of Arlington National Cemetery. More than 400,000 men and women who gave the ultimate and final measure of devotion to this nation are entombed there.
America is Rigged Say Democrats
I wrote this originally in February, 2016. Now knowing that Hillary rigged the primary and rigged the DNC to favor her, it seems she's the now doing the rigging. Hillary Clinton that Bernie Sanders took the stage again for debate number 6 in Wisconsin. Both gave a litany of w...
All That's Green Is Not Gold
The “Green Rush” in rural California has many questioning the wisdom of legalizing pot in the state. Many poor counties thought the weed would be a boom for stagnate economic conditions but instead they are being swallowed up by illegal growing operations that contaminate the land and the water...

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