An Allegan County man was arrested at his home last November in connection with a 1980 murder in Virginia. Allegan County Sheriff’s Deputies assisted Virginia police in the case. The suspect, Dennis Bowman, has been jailed since then. Now, it’s Virginia Police assisting Allegan County Detectives.  Virginia detectives sent word to Allegan on Tuesday that evidence of a crime might be located on property in Monterey Township, northwest of Allegan.

Deputies served a search warrant at the property yesterday. There, they unearthed a shallow grave covered by concrete. Skeletal human remains were found. Allegan County Sheriff Mike Larsen is telling reporters he believes the remains will be identified as that of Aundria Bowman. She was reported as a runaway in March of 1989. She was 14 at the time. She was never found. She had been adopted by the suspect, Dennis Bowman, in 1975. Allegan County Sheriff Larsen says it may be a few weeks before the remains are positively identified and more information can be released in the unusual twists and turns in the case.

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