Michigan has LOTS of buried/hidden money strewn all over the state. And here's some more possible hidden cash here in Michigan, thanks to a train robber named John Smalley.

Smalley, one of the most notorious train robbers in Michigan also known as "The Whiskered Train Robber," would travel out of state with his gang of thieves to commit his robberies and then stash his loot near his home in Clare County.

Smalley was finally captured in the late summer of 1895 while he visited his girlfriend (some say his wife) Cora in McBain up in Missaukee County. A posse appeared at Cora's house and surrounded the place demanding his surrender. Smalley was not about to give himself up and was prepared for a shootout. Knowing this, Cora and her mother split out the back door leaving Smalley alone to fight the posse. The posse began firing, Smalley was hit numerous times, and upon coming across his body, the men discovered Smalley had died with a pistol in each hand. Read an old 1895 newspaper article about this shootout by CLICKING HERE. It's believed his grave is still at the cemetery in McBain.So what about this hidden loot?Since Smalley was very successful in his robberies --- and escaping capture numerous times --- it's believed there's a fortune buried or hidden somewhere in McBain or near his hideout somewhere around Farwell in Clare County. Smalley also told a few people he lived in Gilmore, in Isabella County, but that could've been intentionally to throw the authorities off his track. Smalley's father had a log cabin 5 miles northeast of Clare on Colonville Road. This is also said to be where Smalley would frequently hide out. This place is speculated by many to be where the stolen loot is hidden (and Colonville is nowadays considered to be a ghost town).

The fortune is said to amass to approximately $1,000,000.

But where is it? Authorities claim a small amount of it was recovered but there is still a massive amount left, just waiting to be found by some lucky treasure hunter...or even by someone who could stumble across it by accident.

Details on an exact location of the hidden loot is obviously sketchy, to say the least. But you may be able to piece more facts together from the two links I've added in this article, or search for more on the web.

Read more about this slice of Michigan history at the above link and by CLICKING HERE.

I wish you luck if you decide to take this one on!


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