The State of Michigan utility regulators are told to once again to look at the disputed smart meters from Consumers Energy.

According to an article from the AP the Michigan appeals court reviewed the case against the disputed smart meters and the cost charged to their customers.

Michigan appeals court has said key issues surrounding the cost of using old analog meters are unclear.  One of the questions the appeals court has is whether the cost of using old analog meters is already in the cost of the rates charged.  So they have ordered the Public Service Commission to hold a hearing and render an opinion.

The “smart meters” allow the utility companies to monitor you energy cost without sending an employee to each residence.

One of the issues at hand is those who do not use the “smart meters” would pay a one-time charge on top of a monthly charge.

Will they no longer need as many workers to read meters thus they will lay people off, will that not help pay for these meters?

What are your thoughts about these “smart meters”?

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