I want to warn everyone that this roads in southwest Michigan are the worst that I have ever driven in.  I have lived in Michigan and the northeast most of my life and I have never driven on roads as bad as these.

The snow is very heavy and wet.  The snow and wind pushes your vehicle all over the roads to the point that you have very little control over your vehicle.  I saw a semi-truck jackknifed across 94 and when I got around that accident of the few vehicles that were on the roads there were vehicles in the ditch.

Even driving very slow was a horrendous problem due to the weight and slipperiness of the snow on the roads.  Controlling you vehicle no matter if you have a 4 wheeler or not is very difficult.  At this point I would say that having a 4 wheel vehicle will not help control your vehicle, it may help you get out of a few tough spots but not all of them.

If there is any way that you do not need to be on the roads I would highly advise you to not venture out this morning.

Do not let the fact that there is only a couple of inches of snow on the roads fool you, those couple of inches are extremely, I repeat extremely difficult to maneuver in.  That chances of you getting in an accident with another vehicle or ending up in a ditch are problem the highest you have ever driven in.

If you can make an extra pot of coffee and watch all of the havoc this snow storm has created and will continue to create throughout the day on your television or better yet listen to your local radio station to hear of all the problems others are having on these terrible roads.

I will be asking people who have ventured on the roads to call into my radio show to update us on the snow storm and roads.  I cannot believe I made it into my studio without ending up in an accident or in a ditch.

Those of you who choose to drive today good luck, you will need it!

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