This article was originally published on January 21, 2015 when it became clear to me that the Governor and members of both parties had dodged the responsibility given them by the voters and returned the question of funding rebuilding Michigan's roads and infrastructure to the Michigan taxpayers.

I predicted Proposal 1 would lose 2 to 1. It appears I was a bit of an optimist and a little too generous. The final numbers are now deeper in the hole than my original bleak but otherwise accurate forecast of failure.

Here is the original post unedited and in its entirety:

Epic Michigan Bi-partisan Fail!

The May 5, 2015 referendum putting the question of raising the Michigan sales tax to fund road repairs and schools is on its way to an epic defeat! I believe the initiative will get crushed in an epic defeat for Governor Rick Snyder and his cohorts at the state legislature.

You heard it here first- when you wake up on May 6, 2015 you will find the plan didn’t even come close to passing. I guess that will mean the job of actually solving the problem of funding the repair of Michigan’s crumbling infrastructure will fall back to those who were elected to handle such problems. That’s right Governor Snyder and company will be back on the hook to get it handled.

When I first learned of the plan to let voters decide I thought it was a pretty reasonable idea. After all the taxpayers are ultimately on the hook for the bill no matter how it is structured. However since that time it has become apparent to me the Governor and state lawmakers are using the proposal as political cover. It is a place to hide from blame from Michigan residents. Republicans and Democrats alike know, whether they will openly admit it or not- the referendum has almost no chance of passing, none! This I’ve since concluded was an act of open cowardice on behalf of our elected officials and worse it will mean that the actual job of fixing the roads and eliminating debt from years gone by will have to wait- again!

This is simply no way to run a railroad!

Governor Snyder it is time for leadership on this matter. It is time sir for you to prepare a real plan B because there is little doubt you are going to need it. You need to craft a multi level plan that will fix the roads, cut spending, eliminate old debt, protect education and not raise taxes. Yeah it is a tall order to be sure. It is also the reason you were elected to a second term. If you want to fancy yourself as ‘one tough nerd’ then it seems to me you’d better toughen up and soon. You’ll need to be tough to handle what’s coming. Maybe Kevin Orr could use a new job after navigating Detroit out of bankruptcy. You may want to keep his number handy as it appears he has what it takes to solve really tough problems. Come mid-May the roads will be no closer to being fixed and it seems our state will be no closer to solving the problems.

I think the May 5th proposal will lose by a two to one margin. That will be the same margin of defeat for current lawmakers if they don’t get their collective act together and soon.