I chuckled to myself when I saw a headline in the Washington Examiner that read “Democrats push to draft former Republican Justin Amash as impeachment manager“.

Apparently the Democrat’s are a lot more worried about their sham impeachment then they are letting on.  The Democratic Parties paper, the Washington Post, is reporting that some 30 House Democrats are attempting to “draft” Amash to be their impeachment manager.

An impeachment manager serves a similar role as prosecutors do in a criminal trial, they present evidence during the procedure.

How far has Amash strayed from his ideology that the Democrat Party, which has turned  extremely far left, would even think that a person they believe is one of the “most conservative” members of Congress would agree to be their impeachment manager.

The very worried and nervous Democrat’s believe that Amash could give their party a defense against Republican accusations that it’s a partisan exercise.  Why would they think that?  Since Amash as totally turned his back on Republicans, Conservatives and their values.

Minnesota Congressman Dean Phillips, who is apparently leading this endeavor said:

To the extent that this can be bipartisan, it should, and I think including Representative Amash amongst the impeachment managers is a smart move both for the country, for the substance and for the optics...There couldn’t be anyone perhaps in the entire U.S. House ... whose general political views are as polar opposite from many of us in the Democratic Caucus, and that’s what makes it such a powerful statement: that on the issue of our responsibility to our Constitution, we are perfectly aligned

For the “optics”, that should tell you all you need to know it is all about the “optics”.  The question is would Amash allow the Democrat’s to use him for their “optics”?

Well according to reporting Amash has agreed to consider accepting the position if asked.  You know darn well he will accept that position due to all the publicity and TV face time he would receive since he more than likely he will not be a Congressman after next year.

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