Flint is having enough problems extending the current contract with Republic that handles the waste pickups in Flint. But now they have to be worried about Flint residents pulling guns on them.

Come on bro, just let them collect the trash, it's not that serious.

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A driver for the waste collection company Republic Services was threatened with what was described as an AK style weapon while on a collection route in the City of Flint this week, according to a representative for the company who spoke Wednesday night during a city council meeting.


That representative for Republic Services says due to this situation they halted their routes yesterday.


I now feel a sense of impending doom for our city. What could have happened in that short period of time between grabbing your trash and throwing it in the back of the garbage truck that got you so upset? Did he spill trash everywhere? Did he knock your trash bin over? Nothing makes any sense for pulling out a gun or "AK-style weapon" on a waste collector! I'm sure that they don't even carry wallets on the job, so what's the point?

I feel bad for the Republic employee that had to deal with this situation. Details say that the Flint Police Department is investigating the recent incident and I hope they catch the person responsible. We have to start rooting out these evil characters from our neighborhood. Someone that's willing to pull a gun on a waste collector doing his job needs to be locked up. Clearly, they're not capable of handling reality in a neutral and non-aggressive way. I hope the police grabs this person soon before someone gets hurt.

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