Music is a universal language, whether you can understand the words that are being sung/rapped is a different story. The foundation of music is simply just the melody of instrument sounds coming together to form a beat. No matter where you come from in the world, you know the sound of a piano, violin, guitar, drum, and other instruments. Then words are sung/wrapped over the beat in a variety of different tones, speeds, and lengths to create what we know today as songs.

Kalamazoo, my hometown and a place that will forever be near and dear to my heart, is no stranger to instruments or music. The Kalamazoo Symphony and Junior Symphony orchestras, the state theatre, local artists, and Gibson Guitar are among the many places known for providing Kalamazoo with music. These places may even be involved in the making of songs that are about Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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Granted Kalamazoo is no LA, Vegas, Paris, Calabasas, or other big-name cities that have tons of people writing songs about the city or casually name-dropping the city within their art, but we do still get love from the music industry. I recently ran across a Reddit post, which you can see below, where a user (@abbymvb1103) was asking about a song that was playing at Vintage in the Zoo that was about Kalamazoo. This question got my gears turning and wondering what other songs are about or mention Kalamazoo.

Songs About Kalamazoo

There are a handful of songs out there that are about Kalamazoo, whether they are from local artists who are just sharing their everyday experiences, big-time artists that stopped by during a show and had a crazy experience, or passionate natives writing music about their town. The most famous song about Kalamazoo is " I've Got A Gal In Kalamazoo" by the Orchestra Wives, as people born in the early 1900s to people my age are familiar with this song, which you can listen to below.

Songs That Mention Kalamazoo

Now, there is a lot more music that merely mentions Kalamazoo, and I mean A LOT. Some of them mention the name in their chorus so it's getting plenty of airtime, while others will only mention it once. Then there is the special occasion where the song is titled Kalamazoo and doesn't name-drop the city at all. One of the more well-known songs titled Kalamazoo that mentions the city is by the band Primus. You can check out the Primus hit about the city.

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