The Spartans' march has been called to a halt as Michigan State University has sidelined Sparty from parade duty,

No retreat. No surrender. Fight to the death for the greatest glory. That was the code of the warriors of Sparta. It no longer applies in East Lansing. Michigan State University has sidelined its mascot Sparty from appearing in parades due to concerns of heat exhaustion from those wearing the costume.

Participating in parades increases the risk of heat stroke and health related concerns regardless of temperature and duration. It is our responsibility to ensure the safety of Sparty and his team.

-MSU spokesperson Emily Guerrant to Lansing State Journal

So when did a march down Main Street become as dangerous as the Battle of Thermopalye? Guerrant did say that the new policy is "still in development" and Sparty will participate in the MSU homecoming parade and his role on the sidelines during sporting events remains unchanged. Can't we just get Sparty a CamelBak?

h/t WILX

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