Fundraising for Battle Creek’s Splash Pad project is in the home stretch, and supporters are hoping you can donate in the next three days to take advantage of some matching offers by generous donors.

Jeff Breedlove is one of those supporters of the project, which will be built in Claude Evans Park, at 300 North Washington. “A lot of it is already built, and we’re looking forward to the grand opening in the spring."

Breedlove says their fundraising page shows about $32,000, but they have about $6,000 that has been pledged but not yet added.  The goal is $50,000.  “Right now we have a mystery donor who will donate $5,000 if we’re able to find someone in the community who will match that $5,000.  That would get us within a very short range of making our goal.”   Breedlove says once they raise the $50,000, they’ll get a $50,000 match from the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC).

“This is a 1600 square-foot concrete pad that has water jets coming out of it.  We’re going to have a 17-foot-tall giraffe, and also a tall palm tree and a water zebra-cannon and all these will be shooting out water for the kids to play in.  It’ll have a timer on it and come on in the morning and turn off around 6pm.  It only turns on when kids are there to play and push a button for water to start coming out of the different features”.

He said the idea has been around for a little while.  Neighborhood Planning Council #2 put the plan in motion.  Support has come from many places, including about 700 Facebook friends, the Battle Creek Community Foundation, City of Battle Creek and the Battle Creek Police Department.

Donations may be made directly to the Battle Creek Community Foundation, or on line at the Patronicity website.

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