Starbucks, trying to build their nighttime business, has come up with Espresso IPA, a beer with a shot of espresso.

(Starbucks via YouTube)

This is not coffee flavored beer, like a variation of a Java stout. As Mashable puts it, think of it more like a Jager bomb, though you can drink it like a Boilermaker.

Before you go looking for one, you should know that most Starbucks don't serve beer and wine, but a few do and you can fine the one nearest to you on their website. A quick try for locations in some Michigan cities, or even Chicago, proved fruitless. But if it does take off, you'll certainly have ample opportunities to try it out.

Starbucks being a publicly traded company needs to keep the profits rolling and this is their latest attempt to do just that. Cheers!


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