State Farm Insurance announced the closing of 11 regional facilities today that will cost 600 Kalamazoo workers their jobs.State Farm will close these facilities over a four year period, with Kalamazooo scheduled to close in 2019. The work will move to State Farm's headquarters in Bloomington, Illinois and several other existing facilities. The company says displaced workers will have opportunities in the remaining facilities.

The press release from State Farm says 4,200 jobs are being cut, more that 5% of State Farm's 70,000 employee workforce.

Kalamazoo State Representative Brandt Iden issued a statement this afternoon: “State Farm Insurance’s decision to close its Kalamazoo branch will affect over 600 individuals and families in Kalamazoo County." Iden goes on to say "I encourage them to reevaluate their decision to close this facility. These workers are important, their families are needed, and their contributions are significant to Kalamazoo County.”

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