I'm looking at the list of things that the State of Michigan is auctioning off this weekend, and I'm wondering why they even have some of these items. It's the STATE. Why?

From their press release; "electronics, knives, sporting goods, musical equipment, tools, automotive equipment, office furniture, home décor and jewelry."


Why does the state even own jewelry? Well, they don't. If you read past the first paragraph, some of this stuff is from crooks who don't work for the state. (Joking!)

Military truck and headache bed
Courtesy of Michigan Department of Technology,

You can get one of these for just $250. Think of the fun you'll have. And I'm guessing no one else in the neighborhood has one.

Here's the site to poke around and take a look. The links will explain bidding. If you do buy a car, you have to pay for it and get it out of their lot on Saturday.

mi state auction tool set
Courtesy of Michigan Deartment of Technology, Management and Budget



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