The murder of Erik Cross of Vicksburg 36 years ago may remain an unsolved case. Only the perpetrators know for sure exactly how he died. Cross was found dead near his home in June of 1983. What is known is that he left a party near where he lived and began walking home. Cross was 16 years old when he died. Many believe he was accosted by a group of teens who picked him up, tortured, and killed him, then left his body along a road.

The Michigan Attorney General’s Office recently began a review of the case. But it is not ending well.  The case is being closed with no arrests.  Fox 17 posted text of a statement from the Attorney General’s Office:

“We know this is a heartbreaking decision for the Cross family but there is simply not enough evidence to criminally charge any of the remaining suspects with the death of Erik Cross. We can only imagine the decades of pain and anguish they have experienced and we wish we were able to make a different decision. We did everything we could in this case, including re-interviewing witnesses, but it is clear that we will never know the truth about the tragic circumstances that led to the death of Erik Cross that night more than 36 years ago.”

Family members are heartbroken and at least one is posting comments on social media indicating frustration and anger that the case may never be solved. A group known as Erik’s Army is expected to continue its vigil and annual marches in the hope of the perpetrators being brought to justice.

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