No matter what some people say, Stonington in the U.P.’s Delta County is not a ghost town.

Sure, there are some old, empty, and deteriorating structures, all which make great photo ops. But don’t let anyone who lives there hear you say ‘ghost town’.
'Shadow’ or ‘historic’ town would be more acceptable by the residents.

Stonington remains an unincorporated community at the southern end of the Stonington Peninsula. Stonington is where you can check out the historic 1865 Peninsula Point Lighthouse. It’s a great place to picnic and you can even climb the lighthouse tower.

Built in 1865 at the tip of the Stonington Peninsula, the first lighthouse keeper was Charles Beggs, who died at the lighthouse in 1887. Other keepers came and went, but any odd activity that goes on within the lighthouse is attributed to the spirit of Beggs.

The lighthouse was active until 1934, finally decommissioned and abandoned in 1936 when the Minneapolis Shoal Light Station went into service.

Stonington is an excellent, historic place to visit: the lighthouse tower is open for climbing and there's a nice picnic area. Check out the photos below and see for yourself!

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