The first, second and third thought you should have after reading this piece is DO NOT buy coffee, baking goods or anything else at the Strange Matter Coffee shop on East Michigan Avenue in Lansing Michigan.  They revel in the world of "cancel culture" so give them what they want for others and that is to be canceled.

The Lansing State Journal is reporting that once the owners of the very Stange Matter Coffee heard that the Lansing Brewing Company in Lansing was going to hold a “MAGA Mixer” on March 26th they all became really frightened and demanded that the Lansing Brewing Company cancel their event.  Unfortunately, the Lansing Brewing Company buckled to the cancel cry baby crowd and canceled the event.

When the socialists at the very Strange Matter Coffee shop tweeted out a flier about the “MAGA Mixer” event they also sent a statement in their tweet to their leftist followers and as leftists do, lied about President Trump and those who supported his pro-American agenda.  Wait perhaps that is what they are angry at, he was pro-America.  They wrote:

This is not about right or left. This isn’t about fair representation…This is a local business choosing to give a platform to MAGA and Donald Trump. Trump, who praises [Vladimir] Putin and his war on Ukraine. Trump, who led a violent insurrection to attempt to overthrow our democracy and the will of the people. This is not just a Republican fundraiser. This is a conscious decision to put profit over people and democracy. We strongly hope that @lansingbrewingco recognizes the above, and ultimately choose people and democracy over profit, by canceling this event.

President Trump never praised Putin and “his war on Ukraine”.  President Trump simply said that Putin was smart.  If they are angry that President Trump said Putin was smart.  What are they, their fellow leftists and Biden supporters going to cancel when it comes to Biden supporter's events when they find out Biden called Putin “a worthy adversary”?

Go to the 56-second spot to hear what Biden has to say about that:

They also are spreading fake news about President Trump leading a violent insurrection, they apparently did not hear that the FBI has basically called that fake news when Reuters reported: “the FBI has found scant evidence that the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol was the result of an organized plot to overturn the presidential election result, according to four current and former law enforcement officials.”

Why exactly do they call themselves the “Strange” Matter Coffee shop, perhaps they believe in quite a few conspiracy theories?  I bet they believe that: we never landed on the moon, aliens live in Area 51, boys can literally be girls and girls can literally be boys, biology and science do not exist, the government cannot tell you what to do with your body until you are born and the government is spreading chemicals to make all the frogs gay.

Those of you who live in Lansing or the Lansing area please make an effort to go to the Lansing Brewing Company to support them.  Also please give the very Strange Matter Coffee shop what they want; to be part of the "cancel culture".  To help the Strange Matter Coffee shop achieve its goal of being part of swimming in the evil goo of canceling people and businesses, please spread the word not to go to their shop or buy any of their products.

As the Strange Matter Coffee shop stated “We strongly hope that @lansingbrewingco recognizes the above, and ultimately choose people and democracy over profit, by canceling this event”.   Please afford them that same courtesy and let them know what you think of them on their Facebook page or Twitter page @strangematterco.  Whatever you message or tweet them please be very respectful and do not descend or stoop to their level.

We are only trying to give them what they want and that is to be part of the heart, souls and minds filled with hate that drives their anger at other people who think differently than them.  I say give them what they want for others and CANCEL THEM!

I for one am against the hate-filled "cancel culture".  I am not afraid of what other people say or believe.  I have also learned that when someone asks to be part of the "cancel culture" who am I to step in their way.  In fact, we should help them with their desire to be part of their hate-filled and frightened "cancel culture" world.

Good luck very "Strange Matter Coffee" shop.

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